If he's here, who's running Hell? (Age quod agis)
vrijdag, 02 juni 2006

Naam: Haydar Abulrazak Ahmed Muhammed Ali Ganjari .
Soort: mannelijk.
status: vrijgezel.
Afkomst 100% koerd.
Ontdekt op: 16/03/1982.
Reageert op: electronica, computers en vrouwen.
houdt van: zon, strand, Ford Mustang, adrenaline, vrienden, famillie en slapen.
Massa: over 700 newton.
lengte: 180 cm.
Sterrenbeeld: Vissen.
Chinese  sterrenbeeld: Hond
IQ : 178 wellicht ietsje hoger.

  • Internet : html, XML, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript, DHTML.
  • Protocols: http, ftp, smtp, snmp, ntp, P2P, BitTorrent, voip, nntp.
  • Platforms: MS-Dos t/m W7, WM5/6, VMware, Android, iOS, IOS, Linux.
  • Languages: Java, PHP, WML, C .NET C#.
  • Expert with: Dreambox, Zarafa, Cact, Zabbix, Routers.

Music : Dance, Trance, Club, House, Hiphop, Latin, Lounge, Gangsta-Rap,
Reggaeton, Jazz, Rap, Bubbling, Kurdi, Arabi, Eyrani, Lionel Richie,

Food : Kurdi, Italiaans, Mexicaans, Grieks, Fast Food, Turks, Spaans

TV : Married with children, Unhappy Ever after, Charmed, Star trek voyager,
Titus, Stargate sg-1/Atlantis, The Wayans bros, Wild 'N Out, Scare Tactics,
Dr. Phil, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Friends, The King of Queens, Joey,
Room Raiders, Shin chan, Brainiac, Time Warp, The Nanny, Futurama,
The Simpsons , Family Guy, American Dad.

Movies : The Matrix, Valmont, Resident Evil, 13th Ghosts, SAW, Lolita, Porky's, Pearl Harbor, Stealing Beauty, Van Wilder, American Pie, Scary Movie, I Robot, soft P, Komedie, Horror, Manga, Actie, Sci-fi, Thriller.

Hobby : Achtbanen, Computers, Car Tuning, Fotograferen, Sites bouwen, programmeren,
Op Vakanie, Verre Reizen, Salsa dansen, In de zon liggen, Sauna, Filosofie, Gadget's.

Games : Mortal Kombat(alle delen), Resident evil 3, Halo, Ninja Gaiden,
Metal Gear Solid, NFS2 Underground -Most Wanted, PGR2/4, Forza Motorsport 2, BF:BC,
Atari 2600!, Nintendo Entertainment System.

Dislikes :Breezermeisjes(sl*ts), Voetbal, Haring, Haaaaans (UPC Reclame),
GTST, ONM, Realitysoap, Robbie Williams.
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